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How does it work?

Tinkamo is a set of wireless & programmable smart building blocks. It allows children to learn about coding, and enables them to unleash their potential to invent! With Tinkamo, kids can turn their ideas into reality using the combination of our hardware, LEGO® and software – our apps.


Build the idea easily with LEGO® blocks or good old cardboard.


Connect our smart blocks wirelessly. Drag & drop blocks to code. See the results immediately.


Play with the real world. Solve real problems and challenges. Have real fun!

Tinkamo models

Tinkamo smart building blocks are compatible with LEGO® System and LEGO® Technic. We provide creative projects to help children understand how to connect the smartness of our blocks into the world of LEGO®, that they are already familiar with.
Our projects include: Race Car, Tricycle, SUV, Walker Bot - liked by many young boys. Others can make the girls happy too - Dancing Chimp, Ferris Wheel, London Tower Bridge, Tissue Monster…

Tinkamo instruments

Want to build something unique? Tinkamo smart blocks are not just compatible with LEGO®, but also embeddable into your own cardboard creations, or the ones we provide. Tinkamo Band Kit lets you create smart musical instruments in just 15 minutes. So before you know it, your whole family can turn into a music band 🙂.

Fun Way to Code

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Tinkamo Line Coding shows easy to understand connections between the blocks, similar to a family tree. Kids can drag & drop blocks from the toolbar to the coding canvas, connect them in any way they like and observe what happens.


Block Coding is the most simple way of introducing kids to coding. It’s easy for kids to create an interactive story or game, by snapping together blocks with instructions into a linear sequence. For example “move left”, “pick up the object” and “make a sound”.


Scratch 3.0 is a popular coding platform used in schools to introduce coding to youngsters, and you can now use Tinkamo smart blocks with it. It includes various coding functions & sound editor, has a big supportive community and a packed library of inspiring projects.

Software Coding Blocks



























Controllers: Button, Slider, Joystick, Knob, Switch

Sensors: Distance sensor, Color sensor, Path Finder, Sound volume detection, Speech recognotion, Face recognotion

Sounds: String instruments (inspired by Chinese Erhu), Ukulele, Speaker (with various sounds)

Actuators: Motor, Servo (its angle can adjust to any position)

Operators: Math (arithmetic operations), Logic operators and comparison, Timer, Random number, latch.

Display: Pixel Display with multiple colors and customisable faces

Mitchel Resnick photo

Coding is the new literacy, to thrive in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technologies.

Mitchel Resnick

Professor of MIT Media Lab and Director of the Lab’s Lifelong Kingdergarten

Magic way to play

How is it different?

AI-Powered & Creativity Unleashed

Our blocks can see things, hear things, move, make sounds, light and more! Our app can also recognise one’s speech or face. Thanks to the latest technology in our sensors, software and the use of Ai, kids are now ready to bring their ideas to life with Tinkamo smart blocks.

Wireless Connectivity & Unrestrained Imagination

It is very straightforward to kick-start your creation at home or in school. How could we call it a “building block” if there was a cable connected to it? Tinkamo smart building blocks are completely wireless, and connected by Bluetooth. By removing the wire, kids’ creation is more free than before.

Young minds, Big Ideas.

Tinkamo’s award-winning design is fun and intuitive for the kids at the age of 4 and up. They can realize their ideas without prior coding experience, even before they are able to write or spell.

What will kids learn?

Creative Confidence

Children can express themselves creatively using technology and gain their creative confidence. Tinkamo can connect students’ interests to various new skills and expertise.

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Think Digital & Play Real

Engage our digital native generation kids in computational thinking, while encouraging them to play in the real world and solve real problems. Build digital age literacy through problem solving and idea iteration.

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STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. Tomorrow’s world requires this mindset, and it’s great to develop it since the early stage.

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Critical Thinking

Tinkamo recognises that embracing technology no longer means learning basic engineering, computation, or knowledge alone, but about building the skills, stimulating one’s senses and exercising critical thinking to apply technology creatively, with the intention of making a positive impact in the world around oneself.

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Girl Power

Tinkamo provides a fair way for girls to get familiar with one of today’s most valuable 21st-century skills - coding.

Does it work?

“Tinkamo wireless smart building blocks are so smart…”

“… the design isn’t just easy enough for children to use, it’s also fun… ”

“… teach kids valuable skills… ”

“… eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to move and even brains to think… ”

“… to create brand new interactive toys while learning to code using a mobile apop… ”

“… allows kids to build creations within just 15 to 30 minutes… ”

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